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Founders Day Review 2014

On the 15th of September, 2014, The Glenmuir High School lifted its head once again in annual celebration: this time, celebrating 56 years of excellence. For the students, it was a day without the books, without the pens, without classes and sessions. These things were temporarily replaced by an echo from foregone generations who laid the foundation upon which the very essence of what the words “Flagrans Veritatis Studio” symbolize. At the heart of our festivities was the harvest.

The day commenced with our all-important Founder’s Day service. All those who have walked these halls and received a foundation solid as concrete to rocket them into their respective career paths. We as the Flagrans torch – bearers of present day Glenmuir were inspired to uphold the tradition and follow in the footsteps of these individuals. Their words will perpetually echo as long as our academic journey persists. The Founder’s Day Service is looked forward to annually by the Glenmuir High School in order to pay tribute to the ones we accredit our success. After the devotional aspect, we were addressed by our principal, Dr. Smalling, and, in a ritualistic fashion paying tribute to the Flagrans Fire which burns in the heart of every teacher, student and past student, the ceremonial torches were lit and ushered towards the podium by representatives of the cadet unit, Xaundre Mohansingh and Davion Pryce, in a sturdy fashion. The synchronization of their movements and unfaltering focus represented the strength of the Flagrans spirit, as unwavering in the heat of tribulation as a soldier of the world’s greatest army. 

For the remainder of the day, students participated in the festivities of the harvest: on sale was a plethora of fresh farm produce, fruits and vegetables, even clothing. The day's events were topped off with a concert where the talent of students were put on display. Needless to say, we were treated with a slice of history.  The Flagrans Fire burned Red, we as students were educated, empowered and motivated to make the 2014-2015 school year yet another year of excellence.


Jourdan Dunkley