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Career Day 2016

Glenmuir High School Career Day


Glenmuir High School recently staged its annual Career Day on March 22, 2016 with the theme


‘Hard work, the key to success’. The event was beneficial to all students, but was geared


towards the third, fifth and sixth formers who all will encounter significant milestones in the


months to come.


The Guidance Department did an exceptional job organising the occasion. The day started with


a few inspiring words from guest speaker, Steve Lawrence, who sensitised all students to the


fact that failure is inevitable, but determination is key.


Students then busily made their way to the booths of various institutions to ask questions, fill


out forms or just get a taste of what these organisations had to offer. Institutions included the


University of the West Indies, Churches Teachers College, Vector Technology Institute, Heart


Trust NTA, Caribbean Maritime Institute and Northern Caribbean University, among many




Fifth formers engaged in mock interviews the day before in order to prepare themselves for


real job experiences. The students were interviewed by entrepreneurs and past students in


disparate fields. Guidance Counsellor, Althea Francis, stated that students were informed about


how to operate in a real interview and were basically guided to choose careers relating to their


chosen subject areas.


Tahlitha Edwards and Ricardo- Jovan Kildare